Willow Grove Yearling Farm

Mount Pleasant SA

Willow Grove Stud purchased an additional property in June 2016 with the intention of growing their

weanling crops on a purpose built property. We had been looking for the right property for a number of years

and were delighted to finally find  a suitable farm.

Formally an Angas Cattle breeding farm, the pastures were in excellent shape, so "all we had to do" was completely

re- fence the entire property. The aim, to complete as much as possible before the start of the breeding season

and move the current crop of weanlings in. The two months following settlement the entire "Team Satchell"

worked through the wettest winter in several decades to remove all the cattle fences, design and layout all the fence lines

for the post knocking contractor and we then proceeded to "wire up" all the fences and begin construction of the post and

rail yards.

Here is a photo of the property before we started.




Then the trucks rolled in



And this is what we built


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